Twitter Marketing Strategies in 140 Characters

When less is definitely more

Just like an elevator pitch, the essence here is in delivering quality output during a very small window of opportunity.  But, when done correctly, this could be the start of a potential customer relationship and an extremely effective way to populate your sales funnel.

Successful lead generation is about reaching your audience via their preferred medium and with the appropriate messaging.  In this crazy existence where the working day is filled with a barrage of physical and electronic distractions, a time-strapped professional needs bite-sized nuggets of data to educate and inform them.  The outcome could be two-fold, your company is viewed as an authoritative industry source and/or the reader contacts you for further information as a likely solutions provider.

Embracing your opt-in readers

Twitter marketing strategies continue to challenge organizations to keep their messaging precise, meaningful and relevant.  This captive audience have given you their express consent to communicate with them by choosing to follow you because they genuinely believe you can enrich their existence and ultimately improve their productivity and revenues.  Your audience may be existing clients, new prospects, industry media or simply the competition doing their due diligence.  Although messaging can and should be tailored to these respective groups, a sensible approach could easily incorporate macro overviews to appease all audience members.

Let’s say you provide an online booking service for air flights and an announcement is made about the proposed merger of two leading airlines.  In this instance, you need to provide this information in a timely manner to your customers while also showing your media peers that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry and are responding appropriately.  Your tweet could link to the press release of the announcement, conduct a poll amongst your clients to gauge their feedback on the merger or direct readers to your blog where you discuss the implications for your industry.  With most press releases being dispatched in time for the morning coffee, your readers will be among the first to be updated as your tweet lands in their inbox as they arrive at their desks.

Cost-effective medium

With no incremental costs (other than staffing to reach these additional eyeballs), some companies still may not view Twitter as a serious contender to improve their branding and market awareness activities.  These may be the same people who scoffed at the advent of CRM tools and still maintain their “database” in a rolodex.  Case in point, Lady Gaga has become a worldwide phenomenon and currently has approximately 40million Twitter followers.  If we translate that into potential incremental revenue from  her music and concert sales, the figure would be jaw-dropping.

Whether you’re in technology, consumer goods or professional services, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of Twitter marketing strategies and the positive benefits it could deliver for your organization.  You really need to drink this Kool Aid or suffer with dehydration while the competition kicks your proverbial butt!

More to follow….Stay Tuned!

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