Social media is a vital part of online branding for every company’s marketing strategy, and SocialCast is an accessible way to bring effective presence to your business via social networking. With the majority of your audience online on a daily basis, it’s vital to identify the social media platforms that your audience spends most time perusing, and build your presence there accordingly.

Here’s where we come in with SocialCast, the single-stop social media service that revolutionizes and streamlines social marketing campaigns.

Bring Your Presence Where It Needs to Be

The majority of local businesses have under a thousand social media followers, which is barely a dent in the number that you should have in order to have effective social media presence. With SocialCast, Picstar LLC helps you evaluate your business and its social media branding needs, taking action accordingly. We identify your goals based on your business, your locale, and your industry, and we adjust your social media presence accordingly until your progress fits the expectation.

One-on-One Consultation Identifies Your Social Needs

We connect you with a team of social media professionals and use expert knowledge to determine your strengths and weaknesses in terms of social media presence. An initial consultation allows us to customize your plan, while frequent check-ins evaluate later progress to determine whether further action is necessary.

Your business has unique needs, and we use effective practices to bring you measurable results. If you have concerns anywhere along the way, SocialCast experts stand by to address them. Your needs are our main focus, and Picstar LLC is your first point of contact regarding your SocialCast services.

Focus Your Social Media Campaign

Every effective campaign requires focus in order to succeed, and your social media campaign is no different. Focusing on the right strategies allows you to build a stronger social media presence, which in turn improves your return-on-investment, total revenue and conversion rates.

Here’s what you can expect from your social media campaign with SocialCast:

  • Regular advice on engagement tactics and content optimization
  • Convert satisfied customers into word-of-mouth advertising
  • Target, engage and convert potential customers
  • Monetize your online presence with interactive marketing strategies

Frequent Account Reviews Show Ongoing Results

Monthly or weekly account reviews let you know which aspects of your strategy are effective, and which, if any, require further attention. Social media is dynamic, and business owners need to be on their toes, ready to react to change. With SocialCast, our experts evaluate progress regularly, with measurable results that you can compare to your long-term goals.

Picstar LLC brings you the personalized social media experience that your business needs, and we support your goals every step of the process.