Social Media and Search Engine Rankings

Social Media marketing in California
What’s your strategy?


We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but if you’re not currently implementing or planning your social media strategy, then you may as well just forget about trying to improve your organic search rankings.  And in light of Search Engine updates to and greater prioritization on social signals, you’ve probably just descended a further few rungs down the SERPs listings.

To improve their user experience and bring a greater focus to key items of interest, Search Engines, like Bing, have refreshed their News section to now feature the main stories that are trending on both Facebook and Twitter.  As we all struggle to overcome our ever-growing array of news feeds, Bing is helping us to eliminate the background noise and hone in on the day’s hot topics.

How to embrace the connection between social media and search engine rankings?

User engagement is increasingly being relied upon to achieve certain strategic marketing objectives, in particular:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Highlight your competitive advantage
  • Drive your product strategy
  • Provide product/service endorsements
  • Boost prospect conversions

Social media gives a voice to your silent majority (i.e. customers) and provides them with a platform.  The onus is on you, the business, to direct the conversation and engage your customers to generate positive and thought-provoking responses.

Whether you prefer to keep it brief on Twitter, post images on Instagram or conduct a poll on Facebook, keeping abreast of your marketplace and sharing company developments, Social Media is a critical aspect to your online marketing strategy.   Why not use this opportunity to shout about a new product enhancement, or significant corporate milestone or some favorable media coverage you recently received?  Better yet,  use Social Media to create brand loyalty and awareness.  Modern business has evolved and conventional transaction based models no longer can guarantee success.  Social marketing leverages the strength of the community empowering them to be your greatest supporters.  This is marketing at its finest, subtle yet extremely relevant.

Keep it fresh and constant

As with any type of online content, it can become stale very quickly and should be updated on a regular basis.  Ideally, this offers you the best of both worlds – to participate in a conversation or be perceived as a thought-leader and bring a new topic to the table.

Use a variety of social media platforms to increase your brand visibility and ensure that your target audience (both existing and prospective clients) and industry pundits know that you are having a positive influence on the evolution of your industry.

Bing is not the first data aggregator and others may follow suit to improve their user experience and ensure content is more relevant, targeted and timely.  Social media needs to be considered an integral part of your online marketing strategy to boost your client engagement and promote a positive brand reputation.

Needless to say, Content is king!


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