Some social networks sometimes by their very purpose generate a need that few really thought of crucial importance, consider what just happened.

I ran today into a @huffingtonpost article tweeted by @tedCoine, titled “The End of Capitalism – So What’s Next?” by Klaus Schawb (Founder & President of The Davos World Economic Forum). I First tried to share the article through Pinterest but surprise! I got a message that no large images were found in the article (see picture above).

You may or may not have gotten on the @Pinterest band wagon, I recently signed up and still playing around with the new so called wonder network. Now ranked third most popular social network in the US, touted as generating more traffic then most out there and even having made some companies change their business model, hear of @Pinerly? This company was using Pinterest to market their original product, turned out so successful that they decided to start a Pinterest Analytics platform.

So, whatever you do online if traffic is what you need and you’re looking to leverage Pinterest for that, make sure to include “Large images” in whatever you produce.

in the article i wanted to share, putting it out on Pinterest without picture seemed to defeat the purpose. I then looked for a related version. Found one, with a large image and a very instructive Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz) video interview of Michael E. Porter about the “shared value” concept.

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