SEO Drive

Hits, Visits, Conversions

The major challenge to most businesses is to achieve positive cost to benefit ratio, where the cost of marketing becomes a profitable expense. In more competitive verticals, PPC is often too costly, exceeding budgets overnight. The objective for all digital marketing campaigns is to achieve targeted exposure with maximum conversions. With our SEO Drive algorithm we prioritize immediate conversions over long term rankings, while using the same key word and site architecture as SEO.


Why You Need SEO Drive

SEO Drive is an anchor to every SEO campaign, balancing rankings with conversion priority. Our Drive algorithm generates quicker actionable results at a fixed cost, bypassing the competitive cost-fluctuation of Pay-Per-Click.

Our adaptive algorithms uses signal drivers to boost immediate traffic and unique visits enhancing organic SEO campaigns with actionable lead generation and conversions.


SEO Drive Advantage

  • Immediate measurable value
  • 1st month observable results
  • fixed cost, no balloon effect
  • Multi-source analytics
  • Enhanced exposure and visibility
  • Conversion prioritiy over rankings
  • Exclusive directory and site network
  • Content Development and syndication
  • Enhances SEO Rankings


SEO Drive Results By The Numbers

  • 1st Month: Hits: 139,000, Visitors: 10,883
  • 2nd Month: Hits: 268,328, Visitors: 19 377
  • 3rd Month: Hits: 417, 662, Visitors: 32 649