Mobile marketing is a vital part of what Picstar LLC has to offer your brand. With the majority of consumers connected to a smartphone on a daily basis, it only makes sense that your marketing efforts consider your audience’s primary source of media.

MobileCast gives you the opportunity to reach out to potential customers locally, which is unprecedented in method. Picstar LLC uses MobileCast to bring you the best possible results in your mobile marketing campaign.

We give your consumer base a reason to invest their buying power in your brand. MobileCast uses push notifications to target consumers by app use and demographics to identify the perfect audience for your brand, then offer them a cutting deal.

Mobile Marketing More Important Than Ever

Ten or even five years ago, even the savviest business owners drew a blank at the concept of ‘mobile marketing.’ Today, mobile marketing is the most important than it’s ever been. A great percentage of your potential customers are in local proximity to your business, and mobile marketing via MobileCast gives you the opportunity to reach out and put your brand at the front of consumers’ minds.

Find Consumers in Your Demographic

MobileCast targets consumers who meet the demographics of your potential audience, using consumer smartphone activity and app use to target consumers who are a good match with your brand. The process is just as effective as traditional marketing methods, but is easier on your part—at Picstar LLC, we work through the process for you.

Widespread Brand Exposure to Consumers Nearby

Consider your brand exposure taken care of when you enroll in MobileCast. Local audiences are traditionally targeted with print media, television and radio, all of which are expensive and not always available to small businesses. Mobile marketing through MobileCast gives you the opportunity to target local audiences with ease, using a medium that’s relevant and dynamic.

Why Choose Picstar LLC?

Here’s what you get when you choose Picstar LLC for mobile marketing services through MobileCast:

  • Deals reach 10,000+ local customers via smartphone
  • Completely automated services—no effort on your part
  • Compatible with 1,000+ smartphone apps on Android, iPhone, and more
  • Accessible to small businesses—mobile marketing isn’t only for Fortune 500 businesses anymore
  • Your brand’s deals appear on high-profile apps including Pandora, Grocery Smarts, Simply Yoga and many more

More consumers than ever are turning to their smartphones to find deals. It’s our priority to place your brand where potential customers can find it effortlessly.