Local Marketing

Local marketing for your business requires a specialized approach that encompasses social media, search engines, mobile apps and effective communication. Local marketing strategies can help, but it takes work. With services such as BroadCast, SocialCast, SearchCast and MobileCast, all of your local marketing strategies are in the same place. Simplify your marketing campaign today—Picstar LLC’s local marketing experts are ready to help.

Reach Out to Audiences with Ease

With local audiences, customer engagement is more important than ever. The BroadCast service allows you to reach out to all of your customer outlets with a single message, consolidating the updating process significantly. The result is effortless communication, allowing you to focus on outputting quality content that engages the audience.

Utilize Social Media to the Fullest Benefit

SocialCast helps your social media presence flourish, which encourages customer engagement and interaction. Analyze your social media profiles and let us suggest changes that increase your social media followers or ‘likes.’ This increases word-of-mouth by encouraging the audience to talk about your product and share it with others.

Maximize Your Search Rankings

Your local customers find you by searching engines online, checking databases, or reading maps on their smartphones. Whether potential customers are searching on the web or via their phones, your website needs to rank high in order to be seen. SearchCast checks your current search rankings, works hard to improve them, and checks back frequently for progress.

Cater to Mobile Customers

Nearly all customers use smartphones on a regular basis now, and this includes your local customers. Mobile marketing allows you to target your audience easily by identifying your preferred demographic and pushing exclusive company deals to consumers using apps. MobileCast is the ideal mobile marketing solution, specifically targeting consumers in the local area that need your product or services.

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