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                           There are 2 types of submissions that are widely used for off page optimization to provide the links. One is directory for websites and that includes posting the home page link in the high PR ranking directory. it has to be posted in right category and sub category If are using manual submissions it will take time to submit the websites. If you are using automated submissions using tools you can submit to 500 directories or more with a click .directories accept manual submissions as they have problems if the tools are used so they set up captcha tools to identify whether it is submitted manually.

It will take several weeks for the directories to accept the submissions in the case of free directory submissions. If search engines find out the usage of tools they can altogether ban the website. Manual submissions are accepted by the directories and we have to wait till the listing is approved. You must put time and effort before you start to get result. Writing such unique and informative article takes time. You need lot of research and effort. Back links could not be that effective.


Business directory submission

Business directory listing includes yellow pages that include paid and free listing. Most of the business directories will have   featured listing and regular listing. Featured listing will carry ads or banners that are paid listings. Free listing take lot of time.


Local directory submission

Local business directory services will help get your company noticed by the millions of people searching online. These services take your company’s information and add it to sites like Google Maps, Yahoo Local and hundreds of other sites.


Many local business directory services provide SEO (search engine optimization) tools which will help improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Along with side-by-side comparisons, you will also find articles on local business directory services to help get your company recognized online.


Niche directory submission

This gives your company credibility because search engines know that someone is taking the time to add your information rather than just having an automated program do it. These best local business listing services will also provide reports, helpful tools and other information to help the process. The main goal for local business directory services is to make your company show up as the first search result no matter where your information is listed. Some companies will even go the extra mile and create blogs, make videos and even use their Face book and other social sites to promote your company.


We analyze the following factors before we take up the submission process.

•             Is it ranking in the SERPs?

•             Do they sell direct links?

•             Redirected links are not good

•             How frequently is their site crawled?

•             Quality ratio

•             Do they categorize sites properly, are they selling links

•             What is the ad ratio?

•             Are the listings paid doest the look like it aims to serve end users? Whether it exists to get ad sense ads or affiliate ads indexed

•             Broken links or URLs that haven acquired by spammers

•             Does it have unique content?

Many small niche directories can drive decent traffic as they are specific about the category and bring the targeted traffic.

In Picstarllc we check the possibilities and ensure that only quality link building work is done. We have achieved good ranking for our clientele’s websites through directory submission coupled with other forms of search engine optimization.

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