Email Campaign Marketing

The Interactive Email Marketing Hub

Our dynamic personalized email can store more than 60 terabytes of customer data, that reach more than one billion subscribers via segmentation on a daily basis. Picstar at Walnut, California, has capacity to aggregate and store your data in single location enabling to personalize and target your email messages. Using our planned Email Marketing campaigns, you can give your customers the personalized emails they deserve, with increased engagement and ROI. We also provide mobile campaigns, social media messages and site generator to get business conversions.

Relevant, engaging, and timely Email Marketing

Picstar powers millions of emails a month, and can send infinite number of messages per hour. Even at peak sending times, your mission-critical messages will reach customers. We have an average system up-time of 99.99% planned for email marketing. Our deliverable reputation sets us apart in the industry, and they are meticulously designed so as to escape from spam filters

Email marketing, mobile campaigns, social media messaging and site generator

Most interactive email marketing providers offer few integrations. But Picstar can provide you pre-built and productized integrations in the industry, with more then 50 leading technology partners.  We will integrate your CRM and web analytics systems with our software, use automatic drip campaigns.You can increase your marketing capabilities by leveraging our partners’ sophisticated technology.

  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Automatic Drip Campaign
  • Massive Storage
  • Multiple report configurations
  • Relevant, engaging, and timely
  • Spam controls
  • Infinite number of messages per hour
  • Mission critical sending
  • Full integration with pre-built and productized
  • Module integrations

Mobile campaigns

  • Connect with on-the-go customers
  • mobile campaign creation wizard
  • Pre-defined SMS templates
  • Two-way promotional marketing (contests, polls, redemptions, surveys)
  • Easy coupon delivery
  • Full reporting
  • Automation

Social Media messaging

  • Social Forward Technology to allow content sharing of everything
  • Connects your campaign to social network
  • Create your own Social Networking Community
  • Additional Twitter campaign

Site Generator

  • Full site Editor & layout Generator
  • Create landing pages for specific campaigns
  • Easy Drag & Drop or HTML editor
  • Pre-built templates
  • Traffic reporting
  • Smart Capture form builders to collect customer data