Ecommerce Website Development

No matter what your business or industry, website development is one of the most important areas of focus for your e-commerce presence online. At Picstar LLC, our goal is to provide you with an e-commerce website that exemplifies your corporate identity and branding. Your website will be memorable and instantly linked to your brand. It will also be functional and user-friendly.

The features that you can expect from our e-commerce development services include:

  • A powerful online presence, from your logo and corporate design to the overall website design
  • Integrated shopping carts, payment gateways, widgets and other vital technical aspects of every e-commerce website
  • Social network integration, which encourages full involvement on the part of the customer—word of mouth and networking are still strong forms of marketing
  • Web design from every level of complexity, from the most basic, straightforward designs to elaborate, complex affairs
  • Search-engine optimization to maximize conversion from search engines
  • Content management systems that allow you to manage every aspect of the website with minimal technical knowledge

It is vital that visitors not only remember your brand and come back again, but also find the website to be intuitive, interactive, and an overall positive experience. Here’s where user experience and user interface design come into play. User-experience and user-interface development are an important part of e-commerce web development because they ensure total satisfaction with the interface, which converts page views to potential customers.

UX and UI: Putting the Customer First in E-Commerce

  • Focus on the customer first and your customer base will reward you – UX creates the user-centralized experience that your customers crave
  • Maximize sales conversions by building a shopping experience that your clientele finds straightforward and user-friendly
  • Work on design from the ground up to present your brand as a customer-driven innovator with the best customer service available

Whatever the scope of your project, our experts in e-commerce, web design and UX here at Picstar LLC are ready to bring you the web presence that your brand needs.