Company Overview

We Develop Your Brand With Individual Creative Solutions!


Are you ready for the future of commerce?  Are your current solutions fully integrated and driving your revenue? Welcome to our little corner of the massive world wide web! The home of the one-partner solution! Since 2005, Picstar LLC was founded on one simple belief; support your clients, and success will follow. We are a full service interactive marketing agency offering web technologies and web marketing solutions from seo services ca, pay per click management ca, e-commerce development to the very backbone that runs your e-commerce website.   Our goal, is to go above and beyond for our clients business.


We see ourselves not as a solution provider, but as a partner for mutual success. By growing your online presence, and reputation, and generating more sales for your company,  our own success is assured.




Developed and brought to market the one-partner E-commerce solution.  Solution allowed for accurate real-time control over inventory, sales and advertising management.  Partnered and made available our technology to leading industry directory and listing companies to help hundreds of US businesses initiate product & campaign rollout.


Reinforced our marketing solutions by creating and licensing hands-free automated marketing technology, providing our customers instant cost-savings and lead generation.  Introduced our Mobile Website & Search technology soon after the first Apple Iphone release, bringing our customer’s businesses into the new mobile space.


Developed software to monitor and compile HVAC efficiency for Green Dynamics Inc. Canada.  System measured thermodynamic qualities of their patented envelope technology.  Project & testing still ongoing as of 2013.


Innovated existing whitehat SEO methodologies to accelerate and optimize search engine marketing results.