Unconquerable Gear

Unconquerable Gear

These guys rock!   They designed our site from the ground up with all the bells & whistles: system to import our HUGE online catalog, Shopping Cart,  Ebay integration,  UPS, payapl, payment gateway on and on and on.    With 4000 + products and counting,  we couldn’t have done it without Picstar.

D. Tran
Unconquerable Gear



Agora Bean + Leaf: Crafted Organic Coffee and Tea : A San Diego Specialty Coffee and Tea Company

Agora Bean & Leaf

When not at the local Farmers Markets our business is entirely dependent on our online sales.  Around mid-June of last year, we hit a wall.  Online sales were dropping, and we were losing momentum and ground to competitors.   So, we contacted Picstar.  And that was all we needed!  Within 2 months, our bleeding was stymied, and within 4 our retention rate improved, and we attracted new customers week over week.  Amazing!

Thanh Tran
Agora Bean & Leaf



Kent Lui - Your Vancouver Realtor


Real Estate in Vancouver, especially the one-bedroom segement, is highly competitive.  I was struggling to get a foot-hold in the industry, and decided to contact Picstar in hopes they could get me more visibility, and some advice on promoting myself.

The team, not only put together an incredible marketing strategy, but also strategized and drove more business to me from overseas.  Best group I’ve ever worked with.

Kent Lui
Realtor Sutton Group



Dphoenix, Inc.


Just recently signed an agreement with Picstar.  They helped us with our first trade show in San Diego.   They did such a good job,  we can’t wait to see what they are able to do when they start our SEO campaign.

Restaurant Supplies


Change the World, Change Your Life


Great company.  Very organized and precise.  Achieved exactly what we hoped for.  Even after years together, Picstar still gives it their best.

We highly recommend them.

Green Dynamics
Housing Developer