Simplify the online marketing experience for your company’s marketing campaign using BroadCast. Online marketing is a complex multi-dimensional process that takes dedication to multiple layers of brand presence, from content updates to website and social media management. Without the help of BroadCast, this can eat hours of valuable time that your team could be using elsewhere. BroadCast is an economical and smart one-stop service for all of your online marketing needs.

Use One Marketing Platform to Reach Every Audience

This easy-to-use platform simplifies every step of online marketing for your brand without excluding or minimizing any part of it. You expend less time and energy on online marketing without sacrificing any necessary step. From start-to-finish, Picstar LLC assists in setting up your brand with the BroadCast service, giving you total control over every aspect of your branding within a single, user-friendly interface.

  • Use the BroadCast content wizard to update brand events, marketing deals and news from anywhere
  • Automate your e-mail marketing to notify your audience every time you update, and save valuable time
  • Set up a fully-functional mobile website in just seconds to reach your smartphone-oriented consumer base
  • Keep track of your social media presence and online reputation using the Social Inbox
  • Update your website effortlessly using a single tool, where what you see is what you get—no developer help needed
  • Access 5 million consumers nationwide using the news network for distribution
  • Use MobileCast to target mobile consumers local to your area using targeted push offers and deals
  • Measure customer engagement with Google Analytics reports
  • Optimize your web directory profile using SearchCast services

Effortlessly Combine Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Online marketing is more than just websites and content management. It encompasses mobile marketing, social media, search engine optimization and much more. Instead of dedicating a team to each of these aspects of online marketing, combine them and manage them all in the same place using BroadCast tools such as a content wizard, SearchCast web directory profiles, a Social Inbox media manager, and much more.

Instantly Get Online with a Dedicated Mobile Website

Setting up a mobile website is arguably the most complicated part of setting up an effective web marketing campaign, but it doesn’t have to be so complex. When Picstar LLC sets you up with BroadCast, we also help you set up your own fully functional mobile website. There’s no developers for you to deal with, and no complex coding to navigate while updating the website. All you need to do is select a template, and get started with your dedicated, smartphone-friendly mobile website.

Have Total Control Over Your Web Presence

From start to finish, Picstar LLC gives you complete control over every aspect of your online marketing presence with BroadCast. Having influence over your branding allows you to target the audience that you need, improve your overall return on investment, and increase your conversion rate.