Auto Dealer Solutions

Simplify and Increase your Sales.  Let’s be honest, you as the auto dealer are in one of the most complex vertical markets around.Problems in auto sales field include low margins, high overheads, over saturation and cutthroat competition. It is essential your solutions provide tangible quantifiable results and that your vendors understand your business.

Auto Dealer solution

We care about your ROI, not just about collecting a check.  With full analytics, and seamless integration we have the most robust spectrum of tools and solutions at your disposal.  From inventory management, CRM control, multi-channel Ad network to classified ads, we can provide total solution. Our solutions are supported by our top-rated management services, where we monitor performance and adapt each solution as necessary for the optimum results.Communication is key. By maintaining an ongoing rapport can the perfect solution be discovered. As an Auto Dealer, you can concentrate on your business of selling cars.

With the rising cost of doing business, and the increasing specialization of the internet you need a partner willing to tackle the demands of the constantly changing tides of web commerce.  From photography to marketing every aspect of your campaign serves to setting the stage for your brand.

We have the technology, and the expertise.

Data & Inventory Solutions. Our inventory solutions brings headache free efficiency to your website; VIN decoding, Feed exports, DMS polling, and Multi-channel marketing to name a few.  inventory management has never been more effective or tailored to the shopping experience of the customer; eye catching photos, multiple calls to actions, and extremely aesthetic in design.  Every inch of the inventory page has been designed to maximize closing the sale.You can send your entire inventory to be advertised on hundreds of industry sites.

Benefits at a glance:

  • DMS polling
  • Accurate Enhanced VIN Decoding
  • Go-anywhere Web Access to Inventory
  • Adaptable on -the-fly integration to new and popular technologies
  • Custom Stickers and Buyer guide creation
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Online Vehicle inventory hosting
  • Unlimited Photo Display
  • Video & YouTube integration
  • Professional Environment Photography
  • Web 3.0


One-Portal Marketing Tool Our data and inventory tools are fully integrated with our marketing solutions.  we can manage your entire e-marketing campaign from one-portal. Consolidate your solutions, and lower your costs with our one-portal, one-vendor service.  You have full access as to how your campaign is to run, and the handy reporting that goes with it.  Our performance analytics are multi-tiered enabling your to refine the reporting to the details important to you.

Bring your inventory to life with our Video Marketing solution.  With pre and post wrappers available, Video marketing creates a captivating website for your customer.  High quality, interactive videos turn every online static ad into an engaging vehicle experience!  Adding interactive video greatly heightens mental ownership.  And with our You Tube syndication, showcase your videos on the largest, most viewed video website on the planet. Every video includes multiple call outs, banner ads, Carfax report , and a hosts of other advertising tools to close the sale.  We can also upload your videos on your Facebook fan page.

Photography Service
Pictures speak volumes.  With 80% of your potential customers shopping online prior to ever stepping on the lot, the importance of great photos cannot be overstated.  With our data and photography service, our detail-focused photographers will photographed and presented ready to sell!  Our on-the-lot services is in real time, so all new inventory will update to your website same day.

Window Stickers and Buyers Guides
Brand recognition begins from the smallest detail. Our stickers are designed according to your specifications, and are of the highest quality. Extra bright intensity makes the stickers more noticeable and pronounced. They will be printed on thick stock paper, your customers will remember that your dealership provides them free of cost.