Auto Dealer Craigslist Posting

Need more sales? Businesses are spending thousands, some even tens of thousands to advertise on industry sites with results rarely justifying the overall costs. These industry sites suck your marketing budget dry, leaving you with flat sales volumes and the inability to market your vehicles competitively.  Your customers and your competition has changed.classified advertising can be done through criagslist and Picstar, Walnut, California provides support for your digital marketing.

Digital marketing

It is time to take your business to a new level!Your digital marketing strategies need to evolve as quickly and efficiently as the technology that powers it. Online Classified Advertising has come to dominate digital marketing, with being by far the largest. With over 20 million page views a month, and consistently within the 10 most trafficked sites in the US, you can’t afford not to have a presence.  Your business is literally losing money if not utilizing this powerful sales medium.

Increase your sales and get more leads today!

As with all marketing campaigns, it must be done correctly. Craigslist receives thousands of new ads daily, and without proper drip ad posting and consistent up time of your ads, your product will be buried and never seen.  With Picstar,  we have solved the equation.  Less then 2% of ads placed through our tool ever experience ghosting.  In the event it does happen,  Backed by a powerful posting algorithm and expert staff, our digital marketing service will solve the problem.   Our service ensure optimum visibility and profitability.  We are the most effective in the industry. We provide complete security and will never blow out or utilize your IP like other providers.

Increase the value of every dollar you spend. Our unique value proposition is quite simply results!



  • Daily activity reporting on advertisements 
  • Impression tracking for each of your ads displayed
  • Phone tracking of all inbound phone leads
  • All email inquiries can instantly forwarded to your CRM
  • Fully managed marketing activities